How Do I know If A Coach Is Right For Me?

        Coaching has become a billion-dollar industry and there are tons of new and established coaching firms all over the globe. The beauty of the coaching business is that the nature of the services rendered are just as varied and unique as the individual needs each of you may have. And let’s be real- coaching is a real investment of time, energy and money. It’s for these reasons you should think carefully about who you decide to embark on a coaching journey with. It isn’t about bad coaching vs good coaching- it’s really finding a good fit for your learning style, personality and goals. 

        Yes, I am also in this industry and of course would love your coins to grow my business (full disclosure). However, the true motivation for me starting on this journey is because I love to play a part in another person’s growth and development, which is the ultimate goal for both you and I. So, I am writing this quick blog as a way to give you some basic information you’ll need to:

a) decide if a coaching relationship is right for you and,

b) figure out the qualities you’ll need in a coach to reach your highest potential

Ready for Change?

        On my home page, you’ll find a link to a free tool to help you assess if you are really ready to make some changes (Try it out). At one point or another, we all talk about things we’d like to change, but often times never move on those wishes- and this could be for many different reasons. Before deciding to work with a coach, take some time to think about if you are truly ready for change. Here are some questions you can also ask yourself:

  • Are you willing and able to truly be vulnerable, honest and open with your coach? With yourself?
  • Are you willing to be held accountable for the actions you must take, regardless of what is happening around you?
  • Are you willing to confront your limiting beliefs and fears?
  • Are you open to being told things you don’t want to hear?

        Those are good places to start. If you hesitated or are unsure of any of the above- you may not be ready for coaching. 

        If you answered a resounding “Yes!” to all of the above- congrats! You are ready to go on the deeply rewarding journey of being coached. 

        One of the first things people mention when considering coaching is the price of services offered. Most coaches will tell you that the investment you make is small in comparison to the rewards you reap. And they’d be right. The money conversation is one that I even had with myself when deciding to invest in growing my skillset to start and grow my business. Coach certification programs are not cheap (well, there are some out there that are cheap, but, you know…) so the conversation I had with myself was “Go on a nice summer vacation for a few days…..or invest in this certification class?? Hmm….the timing is perfect for training but….I love sunshine. What will benefit me in the long run?” And, based on the fact you’re reading this blog, we can all determine the choice I made- and I do not regret it one bit.

        Having a profitable business doing what I love will create many opportunities for vacations- even more so than I had at the time I chose to invest in certification. 

        So, have a similar conversation with yourself. Are there superficial things you are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on that could be better spent investing in you? You are your best bet. Your mental, physical and emotional health are you biggest assets. So, what else is holding you back?

Finding the Right Coach

“Nicole, I'm ready!” is what you’re yelling at your screen by now (right?)


        Now it’s time to think about your values, priorities, goals and personality- and how these all will factor into choosing the right coach for you.

        If you’ve made it this far (thank you!) then you may have noticed my communication style is what I like to call “compassionately direct”. Some may feel otherwise. To that I say, “Oh well, I am not for them.”…which is precisely my point here.

        Most times, we prefer to interact with people who communicate and behave in the same way we do. There are obvious benefits to this- but I also think that at times, we may need someone who has a different perspective or way or saying things to break us out of the monotony that has pushed us to consider coaching in the first place. Not always, but it is something to consider during your search.

        This factor will also largely depend on what type of coaching you are seeking. For business coaching, I highly recommend hiring someone out of your comfort zone to give your department or organization the new perspectives it needs to grow and develop. Discussion around personality fit and communication styles is a good discussion to have with a potential coach. Have some questions ready before your initial consultation to make sure you get the information you need to make the best decision.

Specialized or General?

        Consider the niches your coach specializes in. There are many general coaches (who can help you address a wide range of concerns) and there are coaches who specialize in specific areas (relationships, depression, productivity, leadership, etc.) . If you have a variety of areas in your life you’d like to work on, a life coach could be a good fit (as they typically cover many different areas). If you specifically need help physical health and fitness, then your search should be for a health and fitness coach. Going with a general coach when you have a specific need can be beneficial, but you may not have access to the wealth of information and resources someone who specializes in that area may have. Or vice versa- if you have a variety of needs, a specialized coach can work, but you may miss out on development in the areas the coach is less pro
ficient in. 

Ultimately the Choice Is Yours

        Hopefully this blog has given you some things to consider as you consider working with a coach. Ultimately though, the choice is yours and will be a choice made based on your unique situation. Many coaches offer free or low-cost consultation calls, so if in doubt, have a conversation with a potential coach before making a final decision.   

        Be honest about your needs and be open to listening to what a coach has to offer for you. Being coached and reaching your highest potential is a wild and fulfilling ride to a beautiful destination- make sure to take that journey with a coach who understands where you are, where you are going and will encourage and support you along the way.


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