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Can Too Much Empathy Harm Us?

E mpathy is being able to understand situations from the perspectives of others, but not all empathy is the same. Have you ever expressed your feelings to someone who logically understood your issue, but you felt no compassion from them? Or, have you had someone cry with you as you express your feelings? Compassion Fatigue Having too much empathy can be reflective of boundary issues. The quality of empathy exists on a continuum, much like any other characteristic- too little or too much can have negative impacts, whereas striking a proper balance is key to emotional health. Too much empathy usually is the result of taking on too much of someone else's pain, emotional state, or problem. While we may feel this is a good thing, it actually limits the other person's ability to learn to manage their own emotions, and puts too much of that responsibility onto you. One valuable lesson I have learned is that it is not our job to save others from managing their emotions- we can support

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